‘Hannibal’ renewed for Season 2

05.30.13 5 years ago

“Hannibal” renewed for Season 2

NBC’s final bubble show of last season got good news: It’ll be back for a 13-episode 2nd season.

Nicki Minaj confirms she’s leaving “American Idol,” too

After Mariah Carey confirmed her exit, Minaj tweeted: “Thank you American Idol for a life changing experience! Wouldn’t trade it for the world! Time to focus on the Music!!! Mmmuuuaahhh!!!”

Robin Roberts: Daytime talk show host?
ABC is said to be considering Roberts for her own syndicated talk show that would be a spinoff from “GMA.”

Oprah tells Harvard grads: “I have turned that network around”
After picking up an honorary doctorate, Oprah Winfrey told Harvard graduates that she worked hard to turn OWN around in time for her speech.

Animal rights activist Alec Baldwin explains why he’s OK introducing bear-hunting documentary

Baldwin says he was told the Nat Geo doc “Mystery Bear of the Arctic” he’s introducing involved a legal hunt.

Dr. Phil: My family members lost a house in the Oklahoma tornado
“I have family there whose entire house was wiped off this land,” he said on his talk show.

Marine biologist: Animal Planet’s “Mermaids” doc was irresponsible

The “fake documentaries” had plenty of people fooled.

“30 Rock”-inspired poster features all 204 hats worn by Frank
Check out the poster from designer Jon Skaggs.

Martin Short is writing his memoir

“Although I’ve never read a book all the way through, I’m sure excited to write one,” Short said in a statement announcing his memoir from HarperCollins.

Topless women disrupt Heidi Klum’s “Germany’s Next Top Model” finale

Two topless women with anti-Heidi messages scrawled on their bodies stormed the stage.

“Arrested Development” on Netflix is something completely new: “dada televisual art”

“It’s like the bastard comic progeny of ‘Rashomon,’ ‘Memento, and ‘The Dictionary of the Khazars.’ On acid,” says Christopher Orr. “As such, it all but demands to be watched in as compressed a schedule as one can manage without sacrificing health, employment, or custody of one’s children.” PLUS: Season 4 will ultimately be remembered for its greatness, and Lindsay Bluth’s plastic surgery has been referenced many times.

Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” debuts to strong ratings on OWN

About 1.65 million watched last night’s debut of Perry’s 2nd comedy for OWN. PLUS: Is Perry the Lena Dunham of black people?

Shonda Rhimes played a “Scandal” season finale prank on Joshua Malina

In one version of the script, David Rosen dies at the end.

BBC debuts a comedy about early 20th century suffragettes
Watch a preview of “Up with Women.”

Mike Rowe offers “Alternative Catch” commentary to “Deadliest Catch”
What if Rowe decided to do his own commentary on the hit reality show?

Autumn Reeser is expecting her 2nd child
The former “O.C.” and “Last Resort” star revealed the news on Twitter.

Behind the scenes of “The Mindy Project”

Spend a day in the life of Mindy & Co.

Check out the Sharon Tate photoshoot that inspired “Mad Men”
Esquire has posted its photos from the 1967 photo shoot.

How to achieve that natural “Nashville” look

“Nashville’s” makeup artist shows how she makes Hayden Panettiere glow.

Bill Hader doubts we’ll see Stefon again
The “SNL” character won’t even likely appear in a movie.

“Big Bang Theory” vs. “Mary Tyler Moore”

Turns out “MTM” characters have “Big Bang” doubles.

Aussie writer: “The Americans” is “Felicity: The Next Generation”

Keri Russell is essentially reprising Felicity Porter in her new FX series, says Jenna Clarke, who adds: “The similarities between Elizabeth and Felicity aren’t just superficial.”

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