Happy 18th Birthday Justin Bieber! He gives fans a present: a new single

Baby, baby, baby: Justin Bieber turns 18 today and like any kid who comes of legal age, he”s celebrating by… appearing on “Ellen.” But it turns out pretty sweet: his manager Scooter Braun presents him with a Fisker Karmer, a sporty looking environmental friendly car.

Then Megan Mullally sings a special rendition of “Fever” for Bieber and rubs up against him in a way that was probably illegal in several states until today when he came of age. Again, just what every 18-year old wants: to be serenaded and pawed by a woman older than his mom…

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But, because he”s the Bieb and he”s lovely that way, he”s takes it all in stride and, more importantly, he”s giving his Beliebers even more reason to celebrate this oh-so-special day….which, we”re quite sure is a national holiday in his native Canada:  Bieber announced that his new single, “Boyfriend,” will come out March 26. That”s 25 days from now, y”all!  He tells “Ellen” host Ellen DeGeneres that he wrote the song with Mike Posner. “I’m talking to this girl, if I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go,” is how Bieber describes the tune to the host.

If you want to give back to Bieber, Braun wants him to set a Guiness World Record for the most social media message in one day. If you want to help Bieb achieve his dreams, click here. 

Check out Bieber announcing the single and getting his birthday present below.

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