Happy Leap Day from Dr. Frasier Crane and friends!

Some holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day have no shortage of TV episodes devoted to them. Perhaps because it comes only once every four years, or perhaps because the only special thing about it is a quirk of the calendar, Leap Day has never been big fodder for sitcom plots.

It did, however, inspire one of the funniest scenes ever on Frasier – and, thus, one of the funniest sitcom scenes of them all – in a season 3 episode called “Look Before You Leap,” where Dr. Crane convinces his friends and families to take advantage of a leap year to take big leaps in their own lives. And to support their efforts, he promises to sing a challenging aria from Rigoletto on the local PBS station's pledge drive, rather than his standard performance of “Buttons and Bows” from Paleface.

But when everyone else's leaps prove disastrous before it's Frasier's turn to take one… this happens:

Happy February 29, everybody. Let's all go to a taco show to celebrate!