Harrison Ford doesn’t seem thrilled about the new young Han Solo movie

Harrison Ford is making the talk show rounds to promote the DVD release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and found his way onto Ellen DeGeneres's stage.

Of course, there's plenty of talk about these days beyond Force Awakens for Ford, like the new Indiana Jones film and the casting rumors about the new, young version of Han Solo.

On the former, Ford was pretty tight-lipped, barely even acknowledging that this would be the fifth film in the series. Regarding the latter, well, Ford still didn't have much to say because, you know, it's Harrison Ford on a talk show. He's always like this. 

But he did have some advice for whoever is cast in the Han Solo spin-off film: “don't do it.”

As Ford explained, if history is any judge, the actor will have a grand old time being Han Solo for 25 to 30 years “and then they just let you go … they show you the door.”

It couldn't have helped that The Ellen Show insisted upon putting up giant photos of a much younger Ford as Solo from the first three Star Wars films behind him as he was expressing his (staged, I'm guessing) bitterness over being replaced by a younger actor.