‘Hart of Dixie’ gets a January premiere on The CW

Are you ready to return to BlueBell to catch up with Lemon, Brick, Annabeth, Meatball and the rest of the gang?

Just me? 

Well fine.

The CW announced on Tuesday (November 4) that “Hart of Dixie” will return for its fourth season on Friday, January 9 at 9 p.m. 

The Southern-fried dramedy will be in an unlikely pairing with the return of Dean Cain in “Masters of Illusion” and repeats of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” [“Hart of Dixie” would have made a solid and natural pairing with “Jane the Virgin,” but The CW isn't ready to push “Jane” to Fridays yet, nor is “Hart of Dixie” in any position to return to Mondays and since The CW had four new episodes of “Masters of Illusion” kicking around… That's a Friday lineup!]

After scoring its third straight renewal as a bubble show, “Hart of Dixie” will have only 10 episodes in its fourth season, a count that relates to star Rachel Bilson's real-life pregnancy as much as anything to do with the low-but-steady “Dixie” ratings.

One thing conspicuous in The CW's “Hart of Dixie” release is that the network is not calling this the final season for the WBTV production. As always, that doesn't mean anything regarding the prognosis for “Hart of Dixie,” but it means that it hasn't been pre-ordained as a series capper, unlike CBS' “The Mentalist,” which set its series finale earlier today.

The announcement also didn't mention the return of Joel. WHEW.

You gonna be happy to have “Hart of Dixie” back?