Have you heard the one about Al Franken and George Harrison at ‘SNL’?

Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen's “Howard Stern” appearance this morning was lively and hilarious — I cannot get over Armisen's pitch-perfect Ringo Starr impression, for example — but perhaps the greatest tidbit came when Meyers talked about the prank Al Franken played on George Harrison during his time at “SNL.” Have you heard this? (A quick Google search confirms that the story has been out there.)

“George Harrison was playing piano, right? […] And so everybody was just coming out of their office to listen,” said Meyers. “And then Franken knew it was George Harrison, but Franken came out of his room and just yelled, 'People are trying to work, keep it down!' And George Harrison stopped and that was the end of it. It's a great joke, but it's such a bummer outcome.”

“I think he slammed the door,” Armisen noted.

That's right: Al Franken rattled George Harrison so badly that he actually stopped playing piano (it's even funnier if you picture him running out of the room crying). Now he's an influential United States Senator, God Bless America.

Here's the clip: