Hayden Panettiere as surprised as the rest of us by ‘Heroes’ revival

(CBR) NBC in February trumpeted a 2015 revival of “Heroes” as an “event miniseries,” the network teased the involvement of creator Tim Kring and the possible return of some of the original cast. The announcement came as a surprise not only to the sci-fi drama”s fans and detractors, but also at least one of its stars.

“Well, it was a shock to me, and, in fact, I believe I became privy to that through my cousin,” Hayden Panettiere, who played cheerleader Claire Bennet for all four seasons of the series, tells Cosmopolitan. “She sent me a text message and told me about it, and, I mean, we had nothing, nothing to do with it; it will definitely be interesting to see how they reinvent that.”

Planned as a 13-episode standalone story arc, details of “Heroes Reborn” are, in the network”s words, “shrouded in secrecy.” However, the presumption, by Panettiere and others, is that the miniseries will introduce new characters – something the original loved doing, frequently to the detriment of the story – rather than recasting Claire, Hiro, Nathan & Co.

“Who knows?” the “Nashville” star says. “It”s a little bit of an interesting feeling because you go, ‘That was our show, our home, our family,” something that we had a major part in creating as well, and, I mean, I hope that they don”t have somebody else playing our characters, that would be a little dagger in the heart. But, you never know. I wish them success in it, for sure.”