HBO teases ‘True Blood’ Season 5 with tears of blood

05.02.12 7 years ago 5 Comments
It was only two years ago that HBO’s “True Blood” reminded us that “Waiting Sucks,” but now the delay between seasons is cause enough for tears… tears of blood.
HBO has released the official teaser — Or “tear-ser”? No. Probably not. — poster for the new season of “True Blood” and while it only teases a nebulous June premiere date, fans already know that the vampire-werewolf-faerie-ghost-witch drama will be back on Sunday, June 10 at 9 p.m. 
Looking at this poster, it feels like that dramatic streak of blood ought to be in a specific shape if you look at it closely enough. Instead, it appears to serve only color-based purpose, rather than formal. 
In addition, whose eye is that? It doesn’t instantly look like Anna Paquin’s eye, though maybe we’re not looking closely enough at that either?
Anyway, here’s the teaser poster. I gave it a “C+.” It doesn’t say much. It’s no “Waiting Sucks.” But it’s pretty.
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