Headcanon accepted: Iron Man and Hulk aren’t fighting in the ‘Age of Ultron’

Every Monday, I pull one headcanon floating around the Internet Tumblr, and introduce it (and all associated feels) to the wider world. But what is a headcanon, you ask? It”s any concept, belief, or aspect of a fictional character or world created outside the canonical source material. Think two characters are secretly in love? Headcanon. Have an elaborate backstory for a minor character that has since vanished? Headcanon. You get the idea.

This week”s headcanon comes courtesy of Tumblr artist MachoMachi.

The new ”Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer focuses heavily on the fight between Iron Man”s Hulkbuster and said Hulk. But we all know Tony and Bruce are Science Bros™!

Why would Tony want to hurt Bruce!? The logical answer is because the Avengers have to contain the Hulk without killing him when he goes all Hulktastic. The headcanon answer is because Tony is trying to help Bruce gain control of his emotions while in Green Hulk mode. The best way to do that? With hugs!

Image by: MachoMachi

Headcanon accepted!

GIF by: Freakinmi

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