Hear Frank Ocean unveil new tracks in Munich: Watch

In between familiar tunes from his previous releases, “Channel Orange” and “Nostalgia, Ultra,” Frank Ocean unveiled a number of new jams while performing in Munich last night.

Snippets of three as-yet-untitled new tracks were caught by a fan’s camera (and, apparently by about a million other phones, as seen in the clip).

The lyrics aren’t totally audible in the first track, a mid-tempo thumper that features Ocean talking about California and driving with the top down. It’s a feeling that the Germans can relate to even though they are 5,000 miles away. The song must have been early in the evening because Ocean talks about how the sun is still out…

The second song is a mid-tempo nostalgic tune that features Ocean looking back in the nearly 3-minute clip. He’s singing about someone who he hates now, as he recalls their relationship in the languid tune. As he croons that he’s not a kid anymore,  he seems at once nostalgic for the past and so happy to have escaped it. 

The third tune, which runs 4 minutes, starts with a lovely solo guitar line, as Ocean sings in front of a photo of a car driving away. It’s atmospheric and haunting as he sings “I’m living in an idea from another man’s mind.”  “I would do anything for you,” he repeats over and over. It’s spare and introspective.

In February, Ocean told Pitchfork that he was working with Pharrell and Danger Mouse on his next album, but we don’t know if these songs will be on it. 

Watch song #1:

Watch song #2:

Watch song #3: