Listen to Frank Ocean’s song left out of ‘Django Unchained’

12.24.12 6 years ago

Frank Ocean has released  “Wisemen,” the song that he wrote for “Django Unchained” after director Quentin Tarantino, regretfully, left it out of the film.

Ocean put the song up on Tumblr with little fanfare over the weekend. Hear it here.

The song is a midtempo, atmospheric track with a hypnotic effects-laden guitar line running through it.  Lyrically, Ocean sings   “I bet your mother would be proud of you” over and over again as he runs through various scenarios about evil and good men and life and death in an emotional, but restrained vocal delivery.

Just as Tarentino was gracious about not using the song, telling Pitchfork, “Frank Ocean wrote a fantastic ballad that was truly lovely and poetic in every way, there just wasn”t a scene for it.”  Ocean is similarly respectful. His only text with the song is “Django was ill without it.”

“Django Unchained” includes new music from Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Rick Ross. Below is a gallery of Tarantino’s “greatest hits” from his previous works.

What do you think of “Wisemen?”


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