Here’s how to find poetry in the ‘Canyons’ and ‘Lovelace’ trailers

I was going to write something comparing the newly-released trailers for “The Canyons” and “Lovelace” — the former, as you may know, being the porno-themed movie Lindsay Lohan took after she lost her role in the latter porno-themed movie.

I probably would have written something about how “The Canyons” does the porn thing more authentically, as Lindsay’s co-star is real-life naked actor James Deen, which actually makes this a much more sensational role for the actress to take on. I also might have noted that it’s about time Lindsay Lohan teamed up with Bret Easton Ellis, who (obviously) wrote “The Canyons.”

But then I realized it would definitely be more worthwhile to take screen grabs of the text from the two trailers and rearrange them into a — if I do say so myself — totally poignant poem that basically says it all.