‘Hit and Run’s’ Joy Bryant talks about the movie and meeting ‘Parenthood’ fans

“Hit and Run,” from star-director Dax Shepard, is hitting theaters today, and HitFix’s Gregory Ellwood sat down to discuss the film and all sort of other things with two of the film’s stars, Joy Bryant and Tom Arnold. 

Bryant also stars on the NBC cult favorite “Parenthood, and in the video (above), she reveals how often fans approach her, even hugging her and referring to her as her character name (“Jasmine”). “‘Parenthood’ fans are no joke,” she explains. 

She also says she was surprised by the romantic heart at the center of “Hit and Run,” which is being sold more as an action-comedy. It follows a young couple (Shepard and Bell) who hit the road in order to escape their small town — only to run into trouble and all sort of strange people on their way to a new life together. 

Being friends with Shepard in real life helped convince her to take the role. “I would’ve done this movie without even reading the script because I know that it’s gonna be dope.”

According to Bryant, co-star Bradley Cooper is also “dope.” The film also stars Kristin Chenoweth, David Koechner, Michael Rosenbaum and Beau Bridges.

Meanwhile, another of Bryant’s co-stars, Tom Arnold, also took some time out to talk with HitFix. 

While he was at first somewhat skeptical about making the film (“Do I want to do another independent film for no money for a friend?,” he asks rhetorically), Arnold was won over by Shpard’s script. He also talks about improvising on the set and working with Shepard and his real-life girlfriend Bell in the film. Arnold also dispenses some sage relationship advice.

Watch his interview here:

“Hit and Run” is in theaters now.