HitFix Daily Snap: Who’s the best reality contestant to lose his/her season?

We've just learned the exhilarating news that “Survivor” has posted a list of 32 potential veterans who are eligible to come back for a “Second Chance” season. Does the name “Kelly Wiglesworth” still send shivers of excitement through your spine as if reality TV is a new and burgeoning genre full of utopian possibilities, including Richard Hatch's financial stability? Well, it should. 

It's hard to pick the absolute best reality contestant who didn't win his/her particular season. Parvati comes to mind during the season of Sandra's second victory, but it's almost never the #1 player who wins that show. I think you have to look at “American Idol” for the greatest competitors who never became voter favorites. I'm a big fan of season 9 tenth-place finisher Didi Benami, season seven star Carly Smithson, and — my #1 favorite contestant ever — season six third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle. She took the soppiest arrangement of “My Funny Valentine” and made it thrilling. You can't beatbox your way out of the great American songbook, Blake Lewis. 

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