Hitfix goes to the Grammys: Best Country Song

01.28.09 9 years ago 3 Comments


Today I’m looking at the best country song category for the Grammys.

Best Country Song is an award that goes to the songwriter, not the artist.

The nominees are:

“Dig Two Graves,” Ashley Gorley & Bob Regan, songwriters (Randy Travis)

“I Saw God Today,” Rodney Clawson, Monty Criswell & Wade Kirby, songwriters (George Strait)

“In Color,” Jamey Johnson, Lee Thomas Miller & James Otto, songwriters (Jamey Johnson)

“Stay,” Jennifer Nettles, songwriter (Sugarland)

“You’re Gonna Miss This,”Ashley Gorley & Lee Thomas Miller, songwriters (Trace Adkins)

Country has always been a repository–at times the only one– for songs that tell a story. Melodies are important, but lyrics are key. Of course there are exceptions, “Badonkadonk,” anyone? But generally, country music remains a format based on substance, not beats.

The Scoop: The nominees in this category are no exception. Each one tells a story about love: parental, romantic or illicit. The songs cover the gamut. “Dig Two Graves” is about spousal love so strong that Randy Travis wants to be buried alongside his wife when she dies-even if he’s very much alive. “I Saw God Today” has already won a slew of awards and I’m just going to admit it, I hate it. It’s one of those treacly songs about how life changes the instant your child is born. “Stay,” a plaintive tale about the other woman, has also been a big winner at other awards show and is the best song in the batch.

Winner: “Stay,” Jennifer Nettles

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