Honda mercilessly preys on your 80s nostalgia in their new holiday commercials

Move over Thanksgiving, Christmas commercials wait for no man! In what has become an annual tradition, Honda is revving up their terribly pun-ladened “Happy Honda Days” sale. But this year, things are getting insidious.

No longer content to mangle Christmas carols, Honda”s marketing people reached deep into our childhoods and pulled out the still-beating heart of nostalgia past. Then they mixed it with rampant consumerism, threw in a dash of “Robot Chicken” snark for flavor, and unleash these monstrosities upon an unwitting public.

You”re going to watch them. All six of them. You know you are. And you”ll hate yourself just a little bit when you”re done.  

#1. Skeletor

#2. Jem and G.I. Joe

#3. Gumby and Pokey

#4. Strawberry Shortcake

#5. Little People

#6 Stretch Armstrong

Welp, that's three minutes you'll never get back.