‘Alien: Covenant’ Gets Eviscerated By A Flute-Centric Honest Trailer

Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant may have tipped us into the territory where there are now more bad Alien movies than good ones, argues this new honest trailer from Screen Junkies. I don’t know, it was all right when it wasn’t being too much like Prometheus, and I’d watch a whole movie of the two Michael Fassbender robots playing flute and making out, basically just all the parts China censored, but longer.

The honest trailer has plenty of fun with the flute scene, and the real dialogue lends itself to that (“Watch me. I’ll do the fingering.” okay then). But when they aren’t enraptured by the flute, they do make some good points about how dumb the humans are in Alien: Covenant. “Maybe these aren’t colonists. Maybe Earth has a secret program to deport the world’s biggest morons,” the narrator theorizes, pointing out the numerous times the humans make dumb moves like trusting an alien-loving robot who tells you to go ahead and put your face right up to that egg that just hatched. Really, Dr. Manhattan, you should know better. You’re a doctor.

Despite any flaws with the movie, hopefully we can agree it brought us a good Rick And Morty crossover and may also eventually lead to the much-anticipated spin-off film of just Michael Fassbender playing with himself…

Wait, what did you think I meant?

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Via Screen Junkies