‘Honest Trailers’ writes overdue epitaph for ‘Ghostbusters 2’

07.12.16 2 years ago

The only way you haven”t heard of the new Ghostbusters movie is if you”re one of those “off the grid” recluse types who don”t have Internet access, electricity or cell phone reception. Of course, if you don”t have Internet access, electricity or cell phone reception, then you”re probably not even reading this.

Anyway, as the Ghostbusters launch is just days away, you might think you need to brush up on the most recent film featuring the apparition fighters so that you”re prepared. The folks at Honest Trailers have done this for you, condensing the 110-minute Ghostbusters 2 into a four-and-a-half minute clip.  In the process, they remind us how unfunny the sequel really was.

According to the announcer, “It”s exactly the same as the first movie, but bad.” Then, adding insult to injury as they do, he noted, “Every generation has its Hangover 2.”

That”s the closest they can get to a ringing endorsement.

Check out the video so you can also learn about the 1975 TV series The Ghost Busters.

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