Another ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff Is In The Works From The Team Behind ‘This Is Us’

For the second time since the original series ended, a spinoff of How I Met Your Mother is in the works. This second attempt at successfully launching How I Met Your Father would have the same premise as the first try — a mother telling her children how she met her eventual husband — but is coming from a different set of writers. Whereas the initial series that was rumored shortly as HIMYM went off the air was being brought to life by Greta Gerwig, with the multi-hyphenate in the lead role, this project has two writers from This Is Us leading the charge.

This Is Us is one of the most successful new shows of the 2016-2017 television season so while working on a hit show isn’t always a guarantee that your next project will be a success, it looks like CBS really wants to make this show happen and will keep forcing the matter whether or not it makes sense to do so. The fan fervor has died down about the original series even though it had some of the most devoted fans out there while it aired. That can be expected though when your final season is incredibly boring and then on top of that slog it ends with a series finale that purposefully ruins half the episodes/story arcs of the show.

Whether that potential built-in fan base has forgiven the original series for burning them or not, this series will probably be a tough sell unless a huge star signs on in the lead role (the previously planned spinoff starred the already mentioned Gerwig and had Meg Ryan signed on as narrator). No word yet on when 20th Century Fox hopes to launch this new project or whether the central premise would be tweaked for a 2016 world.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)