How Twitter got William Shatner to watch ‘The Magicians,’ and the lovefest that ensued

On the heels of the news of The Magicians” renewal and just ahead of today”s big news about the showrunner of the new Star Trek series, the worlds of Magicians and the final frontier collided on Monday night.

It all started when Star Trek icon William Shatner posed this question out to the TV-watching Twitterverse: “So what”s on tonight?” The official Magicians account quickly replied with the recommendation to watch the new Syfy show, along with an on-point gif of Eliot welcoming Alice and Quentin to the Physical Kids” house with cocktails.


Shatner pondered watching a show with “magicians and sci-fi,” and then Magicians co-showrunner Sera Gamble was naturally psyched:


Gamble and Shatner bonded over their Robbie Thompson connection (Gamble and Thompson are both alums of Supernatural).


And what happened next was a Twitter lovefest with lotsa tweeting back and forth from the Shatner, the Magicians crowd, and the Supernatural fandom and that continues to be strong and loud on Twitter.

Yes, Captain Kirk did watch The Magicians. And he live-tweeted it, drawing connections to Star Trek and making such observations as “Magic doesn”t solve problems.” (He joined the viewing of the new X-Files episode too.)

Magicians showrunners Gamble and John McNamara were naturally both thrilled to have the attention from Shatner. But Shatner got something out of it too, as did the beneficiaries of his charity auction. The auction”s profits go to several charities, including St. Jude Children”s Research Hospital, Inner-City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, and Blind Children”s Center.


Shatner got to watch a cool new TV show. The Magicians team got some Twitter love from Captain Kirk. Children in need get support from another snazzy auction item. A Twitter tale where everyone wins.