Why do I like this song so much… is there something wrong with me?

Why do I like this song so much… is there something wrong with me? is a series that gets updated anytime I find myself listening to a song on repeat that I have no business listening to on repeat. Why? Because as a young lad I only listened to Hip-Hop and Punk Music and could hold my own in a conversation about why Hip-Hop is or isn't a sub-genre of Punk (I could argue either side with ease.) I would (incorrectly) call people sellouts just for letting their already recorded song in a car commercial. So how can it be that I now feel excitement instead of disgust on the dancefloor when a Chris Brown song produced by DJ Mustard comes on?

And how can it be that I listen to these songs on repeat?

Why do I like these songs so much… is there something wrong with me?

UPDATE: 11/9/2015 

I've resisted posting every single Taylor Swift song that has come out lately because I feel like she is cheating. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are hit makers sent from an alien planet on a mission to get me to tap my toes and sing in the car. Their songs don't count. Don't ask me to expand any further. MOVING ON! 

Today we have a Justin Bieber double whammy, which makes it a quadruple whammy. 

I give you Love Yourself

Once you're done listening to that earworm 3 times in a row. Check out this incredible dance video for #Sorry by the same Bieber. This kid is killing me. 

UPDATE: 9/16/2015

This latest installment is brought to you by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Now, truth be told, I really like Ryan Lewis. I dig his music. Macklemore and I though, we have our differences.

Problem 1: There is something about his flow that sounds off to me, like he writes his lyrics and then shoehorns them into whatever music Ryan Lewis gives him. I just don't hear what other people hear.

Problem 2: There is also the wardrobe changes. Stop with the wardrobe changes. I saw Macklemore in concert and he changed outfits 4 times. 4 TIMES. That may not be the exact number, but honestly it may have been 5 just as easily as it may have been 3. This is Rap or Hip Hop or whatever you want to call. It is not Glam Rock. Stop with the wardrobe changes. 

Alright, enough crying about Macklemore. Here is the song. I love it. I'm not ashamed and it is not a guilty pleasure. I just love it. 

First Entry: One Direction broke many hearts by telling the world that Zayn Malik is parting ways with the band. Is One Direction considered a band? 

One Direction broke many hearts by telling the world that Zayn Malik is parting ways with the group. I could not care any less. Sorry, One Directioners. I am but a confused old man whose many cares have been cared in many directions over the years and I am now without a care to care in this One Direction. 


This song, THIS. SONG. right here, gets me ever time. It reminds me of a late 80s song spinning on my father's record player on a Sunday morning. What song, you ask? I have no idea. The song may not even exist, and that is fine because my subconscious thinks it does. Real enough.