Tom Holland took a Spider-Man selfie that would make Peter Parker green with envy

In case you didn”t know, Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently in production down in Atlanta. Tom Holland has to be sweltering in that suit, right? But he”s not going to let something like the possibility of heatstroke stop him from posting what has to be the best selfie ever taken in the history of selfies.

This is the kind of photo that J. Jonah Jameson dreams about at night, a cigar clenched firmly between his teeth, even in sleep. If Peter Parker ever showed up at the Daily Bugle with this shot, he”d been eating like a king for at least a month. No more ramen and dollar menu! Just high-class TV dinners and the most expensive thing on the fast food menu.

I just have to wonder how many photos Holland took before getting this perfect shot. Since we all know you never use the first selfie.