Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Supermarket Sweep’ strategy will leave you breathless

Supermarket Sweep is one of TV's great achievements. In case you didn't watch Lifetime in the '90s, the game show was about grocery store shoppers running through the aisles and racking up as much merchandise as they could in a couple of minutes. 

The conventional wisdom for Supermarket Sweep goes like this: It's always wisest to pick meats, cheeses, and the big inflatable bonus items for the most money. But in this SNL cut sketch, Melissa McCarthy reveals that strategy to be garbage as she earns thousand of dollars of items in mere seconds. 

She brings up a good point: In a game about looting a store, why not actually loot the store?

Next I hope Melissa revisits Shop 'Til You Drop and tries stealing entire mall fountains and the security guard's gun.