In your future: a wealth of time travel movies and TV shows

Time travel TV is officially a trend.

Earlier this week, Fox announced a new time travel TV show, coming from “Last Man on Earth” creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The network has ordered a pilot of the duo”s half hour comedy about three unlikely friends who find an even less likely way to travel through time, irreversibly complicating their personal lives in 2016.

If Fox decides to put the (as yet untitled) Lord-Miller comedy on TV, it will join “Outlander,” Syfy”s television adaptation of “12 Monkeys,” and, of course, the long-running, celebrated “Doctor Who.”

Now, why do we say turn-back-the-clock television is now a trend? Because tales of time travel on the small screen don”t stop there. Fox and Comedy Central are also delving into wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff with shows that we might see next TV season.

Coming to our small screens even sooner are the premieres for “Legends of Tomorrow” and the Stephen King book-based “11/22/63.” 

And tales of temporal twists will be on the big screen plenty too. Read on as HitFix guides you through peek at the near future of time travel tales, on both TV and in film – from “Primer”-esque indies to big projects from Michael Bay and Neill Blomkamp to a comedy about a time traveling bong (you read that right, and, yes, the title of that series is “Time Traveling Bong.”).

Note: The completed, released versions of some of the films and shows on this list may only exist in an alternate universe not our own. But hey, we”ll still give you a heads-up about the in-development projects just the same.