Infographic: The chronic Emmy Awards losers – drama

09.13.11 8 years ago 2 Comments

You win some, you lose some… or sometimes you lose ALL of them, over and over and over again. At least that’s the case for a fleet of stars when it came to their most recognizable roles and the Emmy Awards. While fan favorites like Tony winner Angela Lansbury may be best known (well, on TV, at least) for her role on “Murder, She Wrote,” the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences always found someone it loved a little more when it came time to hand out those little gold statuettes — twelve times. Here’s a look at the stars who never made the cut (at least not when it came to their most memorable TV roles) in the lead actor and actress drama categories — plus the people who whupped ’em.

Design: Dustin Woehrmann

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