Interview: ‘New Girl’ star Max Greenfield on Fat Schmidt, Evil Schmidt and Schmidt’s new love

Last week, before the 2015 “New Girl” premiere, I posted my interviews with Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson from the Clyde's Bar set on the Fox Lot.

I didn't want to burn anybody out on conversations about the new “New Girl” credits, so I held off on posting my interview with Max Greenfield, only to realize that one of the arcs he teases in our conversation debuted last week.

So “New Girl” viewers have already seen the start of the relationship between Schmidt and Zoe Lister Jones' marvelously named local politico Fawn Moscato. Feel free to pretend like you haven't seen the first flickerings of that romance. 

In the conversation, Greenfield and I discussed Schmidt's detour into Evil Schmidt for parts of last season, as well as the current sweet friendship between Schmidt and Cece. We also talked a bit about the process of becoming Fat Schmidt and his secret fear when he does that flashback character.

And yes, this will be the last time I discuss credits with any of the actors from “New Girl.”

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HitFix: Talk a bit about where Schmidt is this season professionally, because we sort of had a couple seasons where it felt like he was on the verge of achieving some of his dreams and now this season maybe not so much anymore?

Max Greenfield: He's definitely on the uptick.

HitFix: Oh, you feel like he is now?

Max Greenfield: And we'll see that when we come back in January, I think. I feel like he's doing much better at work. He's working double-overtime but he's not getting much satisfaction out of it. And not only is he not getting much satisfaction, he's not getting any return from the people at the office either. So you give him a bunch of agita, stress and he comes home and he's questioned by Nick, who's worried about him and then, of course, Schmidt questions Nick's laziness and that argument comes to a head and the two of them decide to go back into business with one another. They become entrepreneurs.

HitFix: And is that a good idea?

Max Greenfield: It's yet to be seen. Lori Greiner comes on for an episode. We pitched to her. I was okay.