AMC Unveils The Brutal And Badass Season 3 Trailer For ‘Into The Badlands’

Not every Sunday night on AMC ends in a bloodbath, but with dramas like The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead occupying that part of the programming slate, the cable network has definitely done their part to serve up gore before Monday morning drudgery. The violence has also come fast and furious from AMC’s genre-melting offering Into the Badlands. As you can see from the freshly unveiled season 3 trailer, the body count continues to grow as the story continues.

The third season has Sunny (Danny Wu) living off the grid only to be forced by circumstance to venture back Into the Badlands™ aligning forces with Bajie (Nick Frost). In addition, the arrival of a mysterious nomadic leader in the Badlands adds to drama upon drama deep-fried in drama coursing throughout the action-adventure’s power structure. We’ve been promised that old enemies will band together in the latest go-around, so steady yourself for that.

Clocking in at a touch over two minutes, the “Join Us or Die” trailer boasts a lot of decapitations, a very Irish backdrop and most importantly MORE DYSTOPIAN FASHION LOOKS! The season premiere is set for Sunday, April 22 nestled next to a new episode of Fear The Walking Dead.