‘Iron Man 3’s Ty Simpkins latest child in jeopardy in ‘Jurassic World’

If you know the formula for the “Jurassic Park” movies you know there always has to be a youngster in danger.  According to a report in Deadline, the latest child actor to face our prehistoric friends will be none other than “Iron Man 3” and “Insidious Chapter 2” star Ty Simpkins.

No word on why SImpkins character would be put anywhere near these dangerous dinosaurs, but he may be joined by “New Girl’s” Jake Johnson and Bryce Dallas Howard (you can guess that one or both may be a parent).

Simpkins previously worked with “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow on the indie hit “Safety Not Guaranteed.” He may only be 12-years-old, but Simpkins has an impressive list of credits including both “Insidious” films, “Little Children” and “Revolutionary Road.”

“Jurassic World” currently is set for a June 12, 2015 release date.