A Recruitment Video For Disneyland Paris Seems To Have Revealed Iron Man’s ‘Infinity War’ Armor

Entertainment Editor

It’s just under 100 days until dozens of Marvel superheroes come together to take on Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and about a month away from Black Panther. The front half of 2018 is extremely Marvel and Avengers-heavy, and with that knowledge, comes hype and speculation. One of the details surrounding the battle to seemingly end all battles was Iron Man’s latest iteration of his armor. Every movie has seen Tony Stark upgrade his suit, and as expected, Infinity War will see the Model Prime armor. Funny enough, it was a Disneyland Paris recruitment video that made the reveal.

Back in October, looks at Iron Man’s latest and greatest suit were shared by various internet sleuths. Here’s his suit with wings:

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