Is The CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin’ the Next Telenovela Hit?

“Jane the Virgin” seems like a provocative title for a CW show until you realize it's loosely adapted from a telenovela of the same name. Now it seems kind of tame.

The new CW series follows an engaged virgin named Jane (Gina Rodriguez), who becomes pregnant after getting artificially inseminated by accident at a medical clinic. Oh, clinical mishaps! Far too common these days.

In this first clip, we see her mother interpret the news of her pregnancy with predictable hysterics. This is a pretty brief preview, but it reminds me why “Ugly Betty” was such a refreshing hit when it first appeared: Though the aesthetics of the show were flashy and bold, it endeared you through deadpan humor. I'm getting some relatable energy from star Rodriguez, but I'm hoping the jokes get better than the “immaculata” gasp we get here. Where's Michael Urie? Just bring in Michael Urie, please. 

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