Is ‘Dear White People’ the Must-See Satire of the Year?

“Dear White People” was one of the great critical successes of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, and based on the trailer it's easy to see why: This is a movie that asks hard questions and dives right into the tough ambiguity of their answers.

The film concerns black students at an Ivy League school who revolt when word of a white-organized party with an “African-American theme” gets out. Yikes. You just can't ignore the bite of a movie that dares to describe a character as a “bourgie Lisa Bonet wannabe.” Oh, Denise.

“Dear White People” hits theaters Oct. 17 and stars Tessa Thompson, Tyler James Williams, Dennis Haysbert (who looks exactly the same as he did in “Far From Heaven” 12 years ago), and Kyle Gallner, who really scared the hell out of me on “Veronica Mars.”