Is Lady Gaga set to play the Grammys? Yes, according to her choreographer

Yesterday, we addressed the rumor that Britney Spears may be appearing at the Feb. 13 Grammy Awards and weighed the chances that multiple-nominee Lady Gaga would debut her new song, “Born This Way,” which comes out the same day as the Grammys, on the show.

The Recording Academy declined to play along, telling us that no act is confirmed until the Academy announces it.

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Looks like Lady Gaga”s choreographer may not have gotten that message. Laurieanne Gibson tweeted yesterday (we cleaned up her grammar and spelling):  “Grammy meeting performance extraordinaire… !!! On its way…Team Boomkack”

That tweet has since disappeared off her Twitter page, but, according to Billboard, in a follow-up tweet, she confirmed that Gaga was performing. Of course, we don”t know if she”s singing “Born This Way” the title track to her new album that comes out in May, but she”d be an idiot not to and she”s no idiot.

As the Recording Academy told us yesterday,  “Until a press release is issued by The Recording Academy, there are no performers or presenters confirmed.”