Is Taylor Swift about to announce her new album?

08.07.12 7 years ago

So it looks like we”re about to get a new Taylor Swift album for the fall. Swift, whose last set, “Speak Now,”  came out in October 2010, will host a live webcast on Youtube on Aug. 13.

Swift”s three albums have come out like clockwork two years apart and fans know she”s been working on new material for a studio album in between her acting gigs in “The Lorax” and writing and recording songs for “The Hunger Games.”  The big question is what will the sound be like? Will it be more like the stripped down, haunted quality of “Safe & Sound,” her duet with The Civil Wars from “Games” or will the music be more pop country?  Will there be a song about her rumored new boyfriend, Conor Kennedy? Regardless, that sound you hear is retailers screaming with joy that she”s back.

Think we might not be right about a fall album? Her eponymous debut came out Oct. 24, 2006, “Fearless” came out Nov. 11, 2008 and “Speak Now” came out Oct. 25, 2010… Typically, she”s released the first single two months before the album”s release, so that means a new single is coming. Plus, she”s performing at Clear Channel”s “I Heart Radio” conference in Las Vegas Sept. 21-22, so she”s going to want the new song out by then.

“Speak Now” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, selling more than 1 million copies in its first week, making it only the 16th album in chart history to surpass the million make in a single week.

The Live Webcast will take place 7 p.m EDT/4 p.m. PDT. She”ll take questions from fans around the world. We”ll be blogging it live for you as well.


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