The Deleted Scenes From ‘It’ Include A Hint About ‘Chapter Two’ (But No Baby-Eating)

Films are shaped three times: Once when they’re written, once when they’re shot, and once when they’re edited. In the case of It, the megahit horror movie, rumors went around that footage exists of Pennywise outright eating a baby. Does that turn up on the Blu-Ray? Apparently not, but there’s an uncomfortable deleted scene that hints Pennywise was a lot stronger than we thought.

It doesn’t arrive on disc for America until January 9th, but Australia got it early and a forum poster on Blu-Ray.com laid out what came with the set. (Keep in mind this may change slightly with the American release, depending on what they decide to hold back.) The scene of Pennywise snacking on a kid isn’t on the disc, and most of the deleted scenes involve character moments for the kids, like Stanley bombing at his bar mitzvah. But there’s one shot, in particular, that stands out. Per the Blu-Ray.com post:

“Denbrough family vacation”: After saying goodbye to Beverly at the end of the movie, Bill and his parents are packing for the family vacation Bill was talking about in an earlier deleted scene. This subplot does kind of enhance the family dynamic. As the car drives away, the camera pulls in to the drain where Georgie was taken. Camera stops, and rain starts to hit the pavement.

If you remember the book, the kids manage to vanquish Pennywise for a few decades before he’s strong enough to start eating the residents of Derry, ME again. This ending implies that Pennywise might not even have been slowed down much, or just chose to hide rather than fight those nosy kids. The Losers’ Club may be walking, 30 years later, into a carefully constructed trap.

As for the baby-eating, well, hey, It: Chapter Two isn’t out until September 6th, 2019. So if they want to work that into the story, they’ve got plenty of time to shoot it, maybe nail down an endorsement deal with Heinz.

(via Bloody Disgusting and io9)