It’s official: ‘Suicide Squad’ is as poorly-reviewed as ‘Batman v Superman’

Yesterday, our own David Eckstein reported on a ludicrous petition by an angry DC movie fan to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down over the poor critical average for Suicide Squad, which then sat at an awful 33% “Rotten” average. Unfortunately for them, reviews have only gotten worse from there.

Had it held steady at 33%, Suicide Squad would have finished out its tussle with critics a full 6 percentage points higher than March's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which rated a dismal 27% on the review aggregator. Alas; thanks to further negative reviews for the Warner Bros./DC blockbuster over the last 24 hours, the David Ayer-directed spectacle has now dropped an alarming 5 points to 28% “Rotten.”

If you had asked me earlier in the summer whether Suicide Squad would be as poorly-received critically as Batman v Superman, my answer would have been an almost unequivocal “no.” The trailers for the film were far better than those for Dawn of Justice, and given Ayer's acclaimed work on the 2012 police thriller End of Watch, my prediction would have been for the film to far surpass BvS'  RT average. Clearly, I was as deceived by those trailers as the rest of America.

The picture only gets worse when considering the weighted average for Suicide Squad calculated by Metacritic (as well as Rotten Tomatoes' “Average Rating” metric), which has Suicide Squad at a score of 42/100 and Batman v Superman two points higher at 44/100 (or 4.8/10 vs. 4/9/10, respectively, on RT). That would suggest that all things considered, the former may actually be getting negligibly worse reviews than BvS — and given Dawn of Justice's horrible reputation, that's a dreary fact indeed.

On the bright side, Drew was far kinder to the film than the majority of critics — so if you need to revive your possibly-waning motivation to shell out money for Suicide Squad this weekend, you can read that here.