Jack Black loves the ‘indie-fresh lifestyle’: On ‘The D Train’ and Tenacious D

PARK CITY, UTAH — For “The D Train,” Jack Black stepped back into a familiar, loveable loser type role. But he also landed back into making an independent film, a fix that had been fulfilled previously by flicks like “Bernie” and “Be Kind Rewind.”

While Black has big studio releases — including another “Kung Fu Panda” film and “Goosebumps” — forthcoming, he told HitFix he loves the “indie-fresh lifestyle.”

“I love making a movie in 3 weeks,” he said, tipping his hat to other outstanding performances from co-stars like James Marsden in “D Train.”

Black's plate is also full with band duties as his rock troupe Tenacious D (with Kyle Gass) is plotting a European tour and, after: “We're gonna come back and write the next album.”

Watch our whole interview in the video player above. “The D Train” plays all week at Sundance.