Jada Pinkett Smith returns to ‘Gotham’ because supervillains never really die

Pro-Tip to the Penguin: Don”t try to dispose of Fish in water.

The season finale of Gotham saw the untimely demise of criminal overlord (overlady?) Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith). The Penguin pushed his nemesis to her death before declaring the villain version of Titanic”s iconic line: “I”m the King of Gotham!”

But now it looks like that celebration may have been premature. Reps for Fox confirmed to TV Line that Fish will return to Gotham sometime during the new season. Pinkett Smith has committed to multiple episodes. This shouldn”t really be a surprise. The only time death is permanent in comic book is if you”re related to Peter Parker. No details were given as to how Fish will return. But considering the underground Indian Hill facility – funded by Wayne Enterprises – has been collecting dead bodies from the Gotham morgue to experiment on?

Maybe Fish couldn”t swim after all.

Gotham returns to Fox on Monday, February 29.