James Corden Makes Kendall Jenner Answer Truthfully Or Chow Down Some Disgusting Food

James Corden introduced “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts” on The Late Late Show earlier in 2016 and it has easily been one of the best recurring segments on the show. It’s right up there with “Celebrity Noses” and Reggie Watts’ salad obsession. It should be more popular than “Carpool Karaoke” but we live in an unfair world.

This time around Kendall Jenner gets to take on the table full of disgusting food items — subbing in for Kylie Jenner who called in sick but was apparently faking as you see above.

Kris Jenner was off to the side during the segment, yelling for Kendall to down things like clam juice and bird saliva instead of answering questions about her least favorite member of Taylor Swift’s squad and why Kylie was faking an illness instead of coming on for an interview.

Corden, on the other hand, is hit with questions about his parents and which band members he would fire. Kinda softballs in my opinion and really a hint that he enjoys eating this stuff despite it being disgusting. That or it is all fake and this is just a cruel fantasy for viewers to enjoy. I mean who doesn’t want to see some celebrities chow down on horrid edibles? It’s far better than watching them throw balls or play beer pong.

(Via The Late Late Show)