James Gandolfini’s family says he died of natural causes

06.21.13 5 years ago


James Gandolfini’s autopsy revealed that he died of a heart attack, according to a statement read by family spokesman Michael Kobold to reporters in Rome.

“James came here on a vacation with his family,” the statement read. “He had a wonderful day. He visited The Vatican and had dinner at the hotel with his son awaiting the arrival of his sister. Today we received the results of the autopsy, which stated he died of a heart attack, of natural causes. The autopsy further states that nothing else was found in his system.

“We are all devastated by this loss. James was a devoted husband, a loving father of two children, a brother and cousin you could always count on. We thank you for the privacy you have afforded us during this difficult time.”

Tributes continue to pour in to the late, great star of “The Sopranos,” from those who knew and worked with him. Among the recent statements:

Edie Falco: “I am shocked and devastated by Jim’s passing. He was a man of tremendous depth and sensitivity, with a kindness and generosity beyond words. I consider myself very lucky to have spent 10  years as his close colleague. My heart goes out to his family. As those of us in his pretend one hold on to the memories of our intense and beautiful time together. The love between Tony and Carmela was one of the greatest I’ve ever known.”

Michael Imperioli: ” Jimmy treated us all like family with a  generosity, loyalty and compassion that is rare in this world.. Working with him was a pleasure and a privilege. I will  be forever grateful having had a friend the likes of Jimmy.”

Aida Turturro:  “I”ve not only lost a great friend, but a true brother, on screen and off.  James was the most generous actor to work with, but more so, a man with a heart of gold.  I love him and my heart goes out to his family.”

“Sopranos” writer/producer (and “Boardwalk Empire” creator) Terence Winter:  “I’m truly crushed at the passing of my friend Jim Gandolfini.  He was a gifted, fearless actor, respectful of everyone he met, and extraordinarily generous in every possible way.   My heart goes out to his wife and children.”

Writer/director Steven Zaillian, who worked with Gandolfini on “A Civil Action” and “All the King’s Men,” and was developing a new HBO series, “Criminal Justice,” with Gandolfini: ” I worked with Jim before ‘The Sopranos’ and after it, and throughout these many years he has always been the same man.  A real man, like they don”t make anymore.  Honest, humble, loyal, complicated, as grateful for his success as he was unaffected by it, as respectful as he was respected, as generous as he was gifted.  He was big, but even bigger-hearted.  I”m so saddened to lose my friend, and sadder still for his family.”

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