Jamie Bell discusses his Revolutionary War spy ‘Turn’

RICHMOND, VA – Nestled next to the Richmond International Raceway, the vast warehouse inhabited by AMC's “Turn” are an unusual place to travel back in time to the American Revolution.

That's where I met Jamie Bell on a chilly day in late February. 

In his first regular American TV role, the “Billy Elliot” star plays Abe Woodhull, a simple farmer who becomes a reluctant spy and patriot when his way of life is put at stake.

HitFix sat down in the multi-room set for Abe's home — we had to provide our own lighting, because “Turn” is using as much period-appropriate ambient light as possible — to talk with Bell about easing into TV, Abe's courage, the drama's surprisingly modern espionage backdrop and how badass the character will get to be by the end of the first season.

And yes, I asked Bell about his upcoming turn — See what I did there? — in a rebooted “Fantastic Four.” His answer was amusing, but not illuminating.

Check out the full interview above.

“Turn” premieres on AMC on Sunday, April 6.