Jamie Foxx is ‘aggressively pursuing’ a new Spawn movie

(CBR) Jamie Foxx is set to terrorize Peter Parker next summer in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, playing the charged-up villain Electro. But playing Max Dillon isn”t the end of Foxx”s comic-book movie ambitions. In a new interview, the Oscar-winning actor revealed a dream project he wants to star in: an adaptation of Todd McFarlane”s “Spawn.”

“Spawn is one, yeah,” Foxx told Movies.com when asked about movies he wants to make happen. “And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I”m aggressively pursuing them.”

Foxx as Tyson is a big enough prospect for its own post, but his “aggressive” desire to play Al Simmons is especially interesting for comic book fans. Previously, Michael Jai White played “Spawn”  in the 1997 film  that didn”t receive the kindest reviews, while Keith David lent his voice to the demonic antihero for HBO”s animated series. In today”s world of constant comic-book movie releases, another Spawn is all but inevitable, especially considering that McFarlane wants to make the movie himself.

“Since [Spawn is] floating out there, someone”s always bugging me and going, ‘We”re looking to [buy] this independent stuff because we can”t get the X-Men or Spider-Man or Superman… so when are you going to let us have a shot at this?”” McFarlane told CBR News in 2010. “It”s been happening for the last few years nonstop, and it”s time for me to take advantage of it by finishing the script, trying to make the deal and see if I can direct it.”

Almost three full years have passed since that interview, with little public movement on the movie”s development. Perhaps Foxx”s announced interest will finally bring “Spawn back to life.