Janelle Monae throws a house party with T.I., Estelle in ‘Electric Lady’ video

07.30.14 5 years ago

We”ll be back with a review of Janelle Monae”s “Electric Lady” video after this brief commercial for Samsung.

I know that artists and labels want help underwriting the cost of videos these days and people under 20 may not even care that they are getting marketed to every minute, but when Monae”s otherwise very fun video for “Electric Lady” opens with her pausing to show off Samsung Galaxy”s Gear Watch, it instantly takes me out of the song, which I don”t think is the point.

Having said that, once Monae does her part to shill for Samsung, she joins her sorority sisters in what has to be the most fun sorority ever, Electro Phi Betas, for a fun house party.  There”s great dancing, singing, and some fun guest stars, including T.I., Estelle, Monica, T-Boz, Esperanza Spalding and Kimbra.

To wrap it up, there”s even a marching band, with Monae, as she should be, as head majorette.

Monae, who deserves to be a superstar, shows how easy it is to be sexy in a video without being tacky. And after watching the clip Electro Phi Beta is one sorority you will definitely want to rush.

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