Jared Leto, musician vs. actor: ‘Dallas Buyers’ winner talks awards and his return to film

LOS ANGELES – Jared Leto took home a best supporting actor Golden Globes statue for his work as Rayon in “Dallas Buyers Club” this week, but he said awards were never on his radar as he was filming the project, which was one of his first acting gigs in years.

“I hadn’t made a film in so long,” he said, the he was just, “focused on not letting anyone down.”

Leto has been performing and recording with his rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars more recently, and helming some of their music videos as well. The biggest difference between that gig and this one in “Dallas Buyers,” he joked, is “Jared Leto the musician doesn’t put on heels and a wig to go to work.”

Check out the full Globes backstage video interview above. Does Leto deserve an Academy Awards nod? Would an Oscar bring him back more into the acting world?

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