Jason Momoa offers hope Khal Drogo could return to ‘GoT’

Could Khal Drogo be making a return to Game of Thrones, or was Jason Momoa just a little drunk?

Both statements may be true based on a recent post on the actor”s Instagram page. On the social media site, he put up a picture where he”s in the early phases of throwing down a pint of Guinness alongside GoT producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Oh, and the picture just happens to be taken in Ireland, one of the locations where Game of Thrones is filmed.

“@Guinness in Ireland. Drinking mothers milk With my brothers @captainriff dan and david,” Momoa wrote. “Love ya GOT greatest show on earth ALOHA DROGO.”

That”s right. He also wrote “ALOHA DROGO.” The only problem is that “aloha” means both “hello” and “goodbye,” so now we have to cross our fingers.

Heck, if Jon Snow can come back from the dead, why can”t Drogo? We”ll know more in Summer 2017, when Season 7 of Game of Thrones kicks off.