Jason Momoa Would ‘Love’ To Play Wolverine If Marvel Studios Reboots The X-Men

Warner Bros./DC Comics

Although the critical and financial failure of Dark Phoenix is still setting in, one thing is clear — the X-Men franchise is likely going to get rebooted by Marvel Studios. It might not happen for a few years (if not much longer), but it’s going to happen. And when it does, Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa wants in on the action. In fact, he specifically wants to take up Hugh Jackman’s mantle (and claws) and play the reboot’s Wolverine.

According to Cinema Blend, Momoa was asked which Marvel character he would like to play in the cinematic universe at the Celebrity Fan Fest convention in San Antonio, Texas over the weekend. His response? “I’d love to play Wolverine,” he said. “(Hugh Jackman) was phenomenal. I grew up just loving Wolverine.”

When the news of Marvel Studios parent company Disney’s efforts to buy Fox first started gaining traction last year, many began wondering if either the X-Men, the Fantastic Four or other Fox-owned Marvel characters would be joining the MCU anytime soon. At the time, Kevin Feige told Uproxx he “[hadn’t] given it anymore thought than I did in my normal daydreaming over the last ten years.” A few months later, however, the Marvel head honcho was admitting he had “vague dreams and vague ideas.”

Yet before any of Feige’s dreams and ideas can ever come to fruition, and long before Momoa’s willingness to replace Jackman can become even remotely possible, we still have The New Mutants to get through.

(Via Cinema Blend)