Jay Leno teases Jimmy Fallon in his ‘Tonight Show’ return

Jay Leno teases Jimmy Fallon in his “Tonight Show” return
Before sitting down with his predecessor, Fallon allowed Leno to do a full standup set. Leno and Fallon then recalled all the photoshoots they did, showing pictures that never saw the light of day. Leno also made fun of Fallon for his lack of knowledge of cars, at one point grabbing Fallon”s “puppy paw” hand, and saying. “This is the hand of a 5-year-old and it's actually pink.” PLUS: Watch Leno crack up Fallon while joking about NBC.

NBC reveals its fall finale dates
“The Blacklist”s” fall finale is on Monday.

MTV: We have nothing to do with “The Osbournes” reboot
Sharon Osbourne said on a British chat show that they”re about to film eight episodes of their old reality show, but she never specified if they had a network home.

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Autism advocates hope Jerry Seinfeld”s words help fight stigma
The president of the Autistic Advocacy Network, Ari Ne”eman,  says: “Think about what this does for a closeted autistic person who goes into the workplace knowing that their co-workers have just seen somebody they know, respect, and have a positive opinion of, like Jerry Seinfeld, identify in this way – it”s a valuable and important step in building a greater tolerance for autism.”

“How to Get Away with Murder” is saving “Scandal” from itself
With all its twists, ABC”s new monster hit is shouldering all the burden of being a roller coaster this season, as things calm down on “Scandal.” PLUS: Viola Davis is the reason we”re watching “HTGAWM,” Michael Trucco talks about his creepy “Scandal” character, and Darby Stanchfield on Abby dealing with her ex.

Family feud breaks out over the royalties for “The Andy Griffith Show” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”
The writer of both themes, Earl Hagen, has been dead for six years, and his 2nd wife has been collecting the royalty checks. Now Hagen”s kids are suing to get some of that money – the two songs have brought in $390,402 since 2011.

Joel McHale interviews Gillian Jacobs about their new “Community” set – located in a basement
McHale, filling in as host Friday on DirecTV”s “The Rich Eisen Show,” spoke to his co-star about how Paramount Studios gave away their studio space in Hollywood after NBC”s cancelation. As a result, the Yahoo season will shoot in the valley at CBS” Radford Studios, in a basement with lots of support beams in the way.

Jimmy Kimmel sits on Craig Ferguson couch
Watch the two L.A.-based late-night talk show hosts talk about penises.

“19 Kids and Counting” family releases a music video
Check out “Happiness” from Duggar Studios.

“Sisters” stars reunite, recall orgasm controversy and former co-star George Clooney
Clooney, of course, was married to Sela Ward”s character on the NBC drama before he left to do “ER.” Eighteen years later, the cast is hoping that “Sisters” finds a new life on Netflix.

John Mulaney asks “Mulaney” haters to watch Sunday”s episode
“Some folks saw the show and were not into it,” he tweeted. “I know this because I own a computer. I humbly ask them to give this week's a shot.”

“Sons of Anarchy”s” Billy Brown was told last-minute about his key scene
When he came on set, Brown was told by Charlie Hunnam, “Billy Brown, you a mad motherf–ker, man.”

“Bones” planning a special Sweets twist
The twist won”t, however, include John Francis Daley.

Preview the “Downton Abbey” Christmas album
The 45-track “Christmas at Downton Abbey” drops on Nov. 10.

“The Walking Dead”s” casting director talks diversity
“We've all adhered to the rule that if the character is African-American in the comic book, we will only cast an African-American,” says Sharon Bialy. “If the character is white, we can cast whatever we want.”

Zooey Deschanel and Billy Eichner sing “Too Many Cooks”
Watch them pay tribute to the Adult Swim viral video.

See the real freaks who inspired “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
Many factual diseases and deformities were used as inspiration this season. PLUS: This season finally embraces the show”s anarchic spirit.

Karen Gillan thanks “Selfie” fans
“Had such a blast playing that role and making the show!!! Such an incredible experience!!” she tweeted. John Cho earlier tweeted a simple “Thank you.”

“Getting On” is back for another mini-season
The HBO series, says Hank Stuever, “is a marvelously understated exercise in subtle and painfully awkward humor. It”s meant to be quiet and frequently sad. But the new season also leaves one wondering if it”s meant to be much else.” PLUS: Alex Borstein shares photos from “Getting On”s” set.

“Stalker”s” secret to success: It knows how ridiculous it is
“Love it or hate it,” says LaToya Ferguson, “'Stalker' is working as a show right now, because it's in on the joke that is its very existence. Stalker is a C-level series with an A-level production value, so it doesn't matter how ridiculous it is-all that matters is that it looks good doing it.”

Patrick Dempsey: “Grey”s Anatomy” needs to bring back the sexy time
“I think everybody has slept with everybody, so who else is there? I think there needs to be a resurgence in that,” he says.

Maura Tierney looks back at her career
From “NewsRadio” to “ER” to “The Affair.”

Bob Odenkirk: Saul Goodman doesn”t read, except for men”s magazines
The “Better Call Saul” star reveals what he's reading.

Each “Jersey Shore” stars exemplify all the fates of reality stars
The eight stars of the MTV reality show have done everything from starring in a spinoff to getting in legal trouble to working a real job.

Actor Richard Schaal dies: He played 4 characters on “Mary Tyler Moore,” including Chuckles the Clown
Schaal, Valerie Harper”s 2nd ex-husband, had numerous roles on sitcoms in the ’60s and ’70s, including on “Rhoda” and “Mary Tyler Moore.”

“The Newsroom” returns for its final season – but it was always doomed to fail
The problem, says Margaret Lyons, is that there”s no virtue in cable news, so Aaron Sorkin”s HBO series has no credibility. “On 'The Newsroom,' a passion for cable news seems so grotesquely misguided,” he says. “It vacillates from not believable to unappealing. Characters don't need to be likable, but they do need to be credible, and hearing dopey Jim compare Will to Edward R. Murrow doesn't feel true at all.” PLUS: Season 3 is blustering, maddening and richly entertaining, “The Newsroom” finally shows the better version of itself, and Jeff Daniels will “feel happier just not being” Will McAvoy anymore.

“The Comeback” returns slightly gentler with plenty of the same bite
“'The Comeback' Season 2, or maybe it”s Volume 2, or Version 2.0, is careful to acknowledge the last 10 years without apologizing too much for its absence,” says Richard Lawson. “…After (an) initial burst of awkward humble bragging, the show finds its way back to the itchy, aching frequency that first made it such a transfixing show, both funny and bitterly sad. In this new run of episodes, the show is more slick about its shifts between playful and pitiful tones, maybe yanking our heartstrings too deliberately or too cleverly on occasion. That”s the confidence that comes with a second season, though. Even if it arrives almost 10 years after the first.” PLUS: “The Comeback” hurts in a way that feels about as real as something fake can hurt, it”s as mortifying as ever 9 years later, this season”s genius is its “astoundingly detail-oriented handling of its dizzying meta-ness,” “The Comeback” goes into darker territory, its strictly for returning fans, the show”s insular world seems even shabbier than it did in 2005, Lisa Kudrow talks Valerie Cherish, and the detailed story of how “The Comeback” came back.