The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Poster Was Edited To Properly Represent Jeff Goldblum’s Greatness

The new Thor: Ragnarok poster embraces the futuristic psychedelia of Asgard in all its glory, and shows off the kind of tone that we should expect out of the third Thor movie. Everything that the trailer, marketing materials, and Hall H panels at Comic-Con have described what seems to be a fun as hell romp that toes the line of Guardians of the Galaxy and what we expect out of a more traditional Marvel movie.

Let’s take a look. It’s got hints of Suicide Squad with a dash of quality missing from the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming poster:

Everyone could get behind that poster. Gladiator Hulk, Cate Blanchette as the Goddess of Death. Everything about it is great. Except, it’s still missing something, right? Something crucial. It could be so good. It could be so much better… It could be elevated.

Ah, here we go.

Pure Goldblum. No less than eight Goldblums, in fact. Possibly watching you poop, depending on the placement of the poster in your home, or if you’re reading this at the opportune time. It’s a reminder that this movie will be far beyond just another Marvel spectacular or fall blockbuster — this is Jeff Goldblum, god, and game master supreme, and he’s thrilled to have the role. Here he is, explaining it like only he, uh, could, uh, explain this experience of a lifetime.

If only Jeff Goldblum could play every role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hell, have Dr. Ian Malcolm link up with Star Lord in Jurassic Park and let’s head to the stars.