Jeremy Renner Sets His Sights On The New ‘Spawn’ Movie Starring Jamie Foxx

Warner Bros. Pictures

While everyone kept asking where Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye character was throughout Avengers: Infinity War (and Tag), the actor was busy identifying his next target. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor-who-only-plays-a-really-good-archer has selected Blumhouse’s upcoming adaptation of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn comics, which the creator will write and direct. Renner will be joining fellow Marvel alum (by way of Sony) Jamie Foxx, who signed on to play Al Simmons, the blacks-op agent who is betrayed, sent to hell and makes a deal with a demon to become the titular anti-hero.

Per THR, Renner is playing a character named “Twitch.” Described as “a good cop surrounded by corrupt officers who ends up working with Spawn,” the official announcement offers few other details about Renner’s character. If you’re familiar with MacFarlane’s comics, however, then the name may ring a few bells. That’s because in the original run, “Twitch” was short for “Detective Twitch Williams,” one of two New York City police officers who appeared regularly. Along with his partner, Detective Sam Burke, Twitch longed to remain a good cop in an otherwise corrupt police force.

If MacFarlane is sticking this close to his source material, then perhaps Blumhouse’s Spawn will cast someone in the role of Burke. Who knows? Maybe Renner’s bow and arrow prop from the Avengers movies will get the part.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)