‘Jericho’ wins HitFix’s first Uncanceled Showdown

Even though ratings were only tepid after its first resurrection by CBS, “Jericho” has won HitFix's first Uncanceled Showdown as the series fans would most like to see get a second (or, in this case, third) chance on air.

After three weeks of voting, which saw over 900,000 votes cast, “Jericho” had no trouble conquering “Almost Human” in the final round and claiming our crown.

The result had, we confess, been a bit of a foregone conclusion after “Jericho” pulled off its stunning quarterfinals upset over presumptive winner “Firefly” on the Multi-Season Arcs bracket.

In the final, “Jericho” scored a whopping 86 percent of the vote again “Almost Human,” which FOX cancelled this spring after 13 episodes. 

Although “Jericho” hasn't aired new episodes since March of 2008, the show's dedicated fanbase remains mobilized after 2007's now-legendary nut-generated push which caused CBS to reconsider its initial cancellation. CW repeats, plus two “seasons” in comic book form have kept “Jericho” alive in the hearts of its fans. Once “Firefly” fans bowed out — I got more than a few “Hey, at least we got a movie” tweets — nobody else really stood a chance.

This was a fun game to fill the late-summer doldrums and we were quite pleased with both the voting turnout and the overall energy of the fans and although many of our favorite prematurely cancelled shows were used this year, we'll definitely be planning to do HitFix's Second Annual Uncanceled Showdown next August, with contenders including “Dollhouse,” “Lone Star,” “Drive,” “The Chicago Code” and maybe a few shows FOX *didn't* cancel.

Congratulations to “Jericho” and “Jericho” fans. We have nothing to actually offer you, of course, other than the pleasure that we're sure came from beating up on a Joss Whedon favorite.

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