Jesse Plemons’ brush with ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ fame kinda sounds like torture

Remember when everyone thought Jesse Plemons was doing Star Wars Episode VII? I do, because at the 2014 SAG Awards I asked him about it on the red carpet. “No, yeah, I think it's just one of those crazy rumors,” he told me uncomfortably. It's hard to know at what point during the process I caught him — whether before or after being turned down for the role that was ultimately played by John Boyega — but at some critical juncture that year, questions like mine became the bane of his existence, as Plemons told Vulture in a new interview out of Sundance. 

“Even after the movie was filmed, I would get calls from people like, 'Heard about Star Wars, congratulations!'” said the actor, who said he was “never a huge Star Wars fan” anyway. “It”s like, 'You heard some different information …'…I had gone in and read, and then I was going to meet J.J. Abrams, and then, all of a sudden, it was released that I was going to do it. I'd only auditioned once, and I hadn”t even met him yet. So that was bizarre because I heard from everyone. I”m like, 'No. No, no, no. Stop it.'”

Luckily for Plemons, there are 97,000 upcoming Star Wars movies on the release slate, so chances are he'll get to act in one of them!